Immerse yourself in nature

Wanderlust is brimming with things to do, all of which will help you disconnect from city life. Bush walking, exploring sandstone caves, interacting with the native birds and animals, star gazing, swimming in the dam, guided 4WD tours, workshops or just sitting around the campfire basking in the peace of the natural environment – there's something for everyone.


Wanderlust is shaped like a horseshoe, towering sandstone ridges marking out the boundaries. There are plenty of marked hiking trails that will lead you to the caves, a grotto fed by a natural spring and the ridge line which overlooks the valley. Guests are welcome to explore beyond these trails, but for safety reasons, we ask that you let someone know where you are going, that you go with another person, and that you wear appropriate footwear. 


See the night sky and the sparkling constellations of the Southern Hemisphere like you've never seen them before! Wanderlust is located in a deep valley with tall ridges on either side, which helps to reduce light pollution from the city, offering up a velvet black skies studded with stars.

Art Cave

The story of our family and our time as caretakers of this special place has been painted by an Sydney-based artist in a sandstone cave overlooking the valley. It reflects the sacred nature of this land. 

Kids playground

The story of our family and our time as caretakers of this special place has been painted by an Sydney-based artist in a sandstone cave overlooking the valley. It reflects the sacred nature of this land. 

Bush sports

Wanderlust's custom-made sand sports court is perfect for volleyball, football, spike ball, pétanque and more. Just ask us and we can set it up. 

Wood-Fired Pizza

Learn how to make pizza from scratch, kneading the dough, layering the toppings and cooking in our wood-fired pizza oven. Led by our very own pizza chef, these workshops provide an interactive and fun experience for campers of all ages. Just $20/pp, with all ingredients and tools provided. 

Flora and Fauna

Mobs of kangaroos and wallabies graze on the grass, goannas and wombats trundle through the camps and possums will sometimes eat from your hand. Lyre birds, black cockatoos, honeyeaters, rosellas, king parrots, sugar gliders, even koalas high up in the eucalypts – Wanderlust is a natural sanctuary in which you can immerse yourself in nature. It is also home to a Wollemi Pine, considered the oldest tree species on earth, as well as cycads, rock orchids and rare bush flowers. 


The Wanderlust dam was built by the team to capture rainwater from the gulley behind reception, and it's the perfect place to cool down on a hot day.  There's a seasonal creek that runs through the property too, which is perfect for kids to paddle in. Children need to be supervised at all times. 

4WD Guided Tour

Keen to get off-road? We can arrange a guided 4WD tour with our business partners in a nearby valley so you can explore the rugged bush terrain in this area. It's an experience not to be missed. We can also arrange buggy rides. Please book in advance. 

Horse Riding

Wanderlust is partnered with an acclaimed stables just 20 minutes from the valley. Let us know if you'd like to explore the surrounding bush on horseback and we will arrange everything. Let us book you a horse-ride with our business partners
(to be booked in advance)

National Parks

Wanderlust is located in the heart of the Great Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, and is bordered by Wollemi National Park and Yengo National Park. Not only does this afford us stunning views, it offers up hundreds of kilometres of bush trails to explore. Visit Mt Yengo, which is of great Indigenous significance to the Darkinjung People, and explore acclaimed 4WD touring trail 'Big Yengo Loop'. 

Kitchen garden

We have a thriving kitchen garden that works on permaculture principles. We rotate the crops and allow the chickens and ducks to help with organic fertilisation and bug removal. Free-range eggs and fresh seasonal veggies are available onsite: salad leaves, radish, tomatoes, beans, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, beetroot, all grown without chemicals.


Using natural ingredients and local scents, learn how to make soap, skincare products, dishwashing tablets, and cleaning products from scratch with acclaimed skincare company MySkin&I. Let us know in advance and we can organise a workshop tailored for you. 


Wanderlust is an eco retreat. As a family we have built a strawbale house, we run on solar power and we use rainwater throughout the property. We garden following the principles of permaculture and we have eco waste systems in place. This fascinating eco workshop offers a unique insight into these principles. Learn how to build a pizza oven or natural walls using materials like mud, clay, straw, and wood, and discover the impact this can have on our environment. 

Water Slide

Perfect for summer, our 30m slip 'n' slide is the ultimate way to cool down and have fun. It's a firm favourite with the kids!