Sustainable Building

Wanderlust was built using sustainable principles and eco-building practices. 

Our goal has always been to build a place where we can live in harmony with nature while reducing our carbon footprint.

Come and see for yourself…


Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Our wood-fired pizza oven was designed and built on site, using a recycled cast-iron bathtub and local clay. It cooks pizza to perfection, and it's free to use. Or, sign up for a pizza making workshop and eat what you create! 



We have three beautiful American Indian tipis at Wanderlust that range from 18-26 feet in diameter. 

Inside each tipi, you'll find cozy beds and a warm fire place, perfect for snuggling up on cool nights and experiencing a unique form of traditional living.

Perfect for a romantic escape or mobs of kids (but maybe not together!), the tipis are a crowd favourite.


Wanderlust has three American Indian style tipis that range from 18-26-feet in diameter, and offer a unique experience in traditional nomadic living.

Inside each tipi you'll find cosy beds and a warm fireplace, perfect for snuggling up on cool nights. Thanks to the design, however, you'll be cool in summer, too. 

As perfect for a romantic escape for two as they are for a family adventure, the tipi village is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

Strawbale House

The main house at Wanderlust is made from straw bales, and designed to be as eco conscious as is possible. With thick rendered walls and natural in-built insulation and cooling, the house is an incredible example of eco-building practice and realisation. 

The eaves are designed so the summer sun doesn't hit the front windows but the lower winter sun heats up the house. A wood fire in winter warms up walls made of clay and rocks, which hold the heat when the fire is out. 

This house is also able to withstand big bush fires. The walls have been tested by the CSIRO for 2h at full flame (1060º), and the results showed that the inside wall temperature only reached 64º. 

As a result, the main house is registered as a bush-fire refuge and assembly point. 

Solar Power

Our property is officially off-grid, and we rely on solar power for all our energy needs. 

The solar system has been designed specifically for Wanderlust and is adjustable so we can add batteries and panels as needed.

Solar Power

On any offgrid property, you need to be able to produce electricity. In Australia, Solar systems are the best solution in remote areas.

The system has been designed specifically for our property and is adjustable so we can always had more batteries or panels if needed.

Permaculture Garden

At Wanderlust we follow permaculture principles in the gardens. We let the chooks forage for bugs and leftovers after we've harvested the garden, and we rotate the crop cycles to ensure the best soil quality. 

The chooks get rid of weeds, too, and they are natural fertilisers, so we can grow organic veggies without any chemicals. 

You can buy free-range eggs and organic veggies onsite, with the added option of picking your own! 

Permaculture Garden

We practice permaculture principles by rotating crops and letting the chooks forage once harvest is done. 

It reduces consequently the work load since chooks get rid of weeds, pests & fertilise the ground which also allow us to grow the veggies without using any chemicals.


Ask us if you wish to purchase some fresh veggies which you can directly pick yourself. (depending on availabilities)

Eco Waste Solutions

Built by Wormsmart, the septic system at Wanderlust has been specifically designed for the property. 

We use worms to process waste, requiring no chemical processing. The tank has a separation system made of mesh and straw that allows the waste to be processed by the worms. They then produce a juice that can be pumped into absorption trenches.